maandag 3 maart 2014

Week 10 in my mint A5 Kikki K

It's been a while, but haven't been spending time making mini books or scrapping at all. Instead I did spend time setting up and decorating my planners. Yes, after the pink HEMA planner followed an aqua blue/green one that was closer to what I wanted. Then a pistache preloved pocket Filofax - yes the real thing, but so tiny. And recently my dream planner I had been eyeing in Instagram for some time, probably since september 2013. I was finally able to get it and and so happy I did as it will be discontinued. And joining Facebook groups. So - not much blogging going on .
One of the Facebook groups being the Dutch Filofaxers. Every week a new theme to decorate your planner is given. For week 10 Circus. I had a cute sticker sheet I found at Flying Tiger in my stash that was just perfect. 

I also had an animal sticker sheet that had the same lion image on it. I laminated it and figured out a way to turn it into a paperclip.
Found these Avery sticky tabs in blue and pink. You can write on the clear part aswell. 
I stuck it to a pink paperclip this way with a felt heart sticker.
To make lists or jot down some thoughts I added an extra page. It's a weekly to do list I found at our Dutch HEMA store. I use washi or decotape to reinforce the top where you can tear the page off. This way the size fits A5 perfectly.
As I'm lefthanded using it this way for me is very handy. 
I still need to work on my tabs. As having a planner this big theres lots of space and possibilities to use. Only have to figure out how it suits me !! 

maandag 7 oktober 2013

Fauxfilofax DIY pages

Couldn't resist giving planner pages in my own language a try. Niet vergeten = dont't forget and you can guess the rest.
So far I haven't kept up with challenge of a photo a day. Not all prompts are do-able if you're a newbie. Or do I have a clue what is expected. So I wait for pics to pop up on Instagram but then find myself almost a day behind. And too dark for a decent pic. In time it will get easier probably as I understand better and there's more to show. The shops where you could get cute stationary are scarce here. Maybe I'll put some online shopping on my planner list ;) 

1. Need to find myself a cute pen.
2. A planners case? Day 5 prompt. it for the cute pens, markers and lots of post-its...I don't have? Should I add yet? All this cute stationary from the East is cute and as I love pastels...dangerzone !!
3. Washi tape is popping up in the Netherlands all around. Thanks to
HEMA and Action the selection is growing. But not all are to my liking.
4. Paper clips. I know Prima Marketing  had them, but variety is the thing. Maybe a swap?
Time to be inspired and I'll hop over to see what Filoaddicts are doing with the prompts. Go search #planneraddictspotd   @ Instagram. If you didn't know yet, I should give warning you might get addicted !!

donderdag 3 oktober 2013


Last year I joined a Facebook December Daily workshop. A Sn@p album was included. I really wanted the Studio Calico handbook, the one with the chevrons but they were out. Although I like the Sn@p album I found myself cutting papers, decorating - but never really liking or loving the results. Half way through I lost my mojo and gave up. So for this year I was planning to only enjoy other creative souls work and forget about the whole December Daily thing. As soon as sneak peeks of the Studio Calico kit started to appear and I started Bloghopping, it wouldn't leave my head why it hadn't worked for me. That was  before I got an iphone and Instagram with all these other lovely apps. I think you didn't have HEMA online service developing your 4x4 direct from your instagram profile. And that was before ProjectLife was to be found on a larger scale from Dutch scrapbook stores. I didn't think adding precut cards to pockets to be much fun. During December I got the whole point of timemanagement and keeping it quick and simple. And starting to get your supplies and maybe a nice organisation ready. Preferabely at your own room - not the kitchentable. It works so much easier when it's well organized and you don't have to spend time getting and putting away your stash before/after meals. I think I also should realise I don't have this interesting social life, big family, places to go, wonderful pictures, great house or belongings and aim accordingly.    
Nor do I want to spend time sharing a page or pic every day. Or feel any added pressure. As long as I can capture a bit about that day and have pics ready once a week I could spend Sundayafternoons working on it. 
And something else I noticed. I think the snugger pocket pages add more to a nice end result! There's still space to ad an embelishment. So I guess I won't use a Sn@p this year but something else :)
Basic Grey Capture pocket page snug fit 

Simple Stories Sn@p pocket page leave a gap. You should cut the paper yourself, add a few millimeters and find yourself your paperpads fall short of economical cutting. No fun. Timewasting. Better cut pages,forget about the pockets, and use those. But do it preferably way before December. 

maandag 30 september 2013

It's a new month!

This is a fun starting point. Free to choose from the day prompt that's most appealing at that day. Or skip a day when lack of time. And inspiring to see the Instagram photos.

So update follows later today :)

Faux filofax

Think I got busy with Instagram but here's the Dividers I made for this planner. I used the Amy Tangerine Daybook from my stash and ajusted the pages. The photo also is the prompt for the #planneraddictpotd Day 4 challenge.

And hey they're approved by the master herself

Cool huh?

New addition planner

As you can read and see a post below I bought a pink planner from the HEMA brand half a month ago. I missed out on the inserts that started July 2013 as the planner is suposed to be a 2014 yearplanner starting december 12th.
I still was wanting to give it a go - inspired by all the nice Filofax pages I came across. All that creativity and uplifting decorated pages. Makes ordinary or boring appointments a joy to look at. And even better there's no need to find something to photograph before you can start decorating! So I found myself buying two leftover 70% sale schoolplanners at V&D warehouse for € 3,- each with using the inserts in mind. And a green nylon empty planner..I know... it sounds nasty but it's not and hey it was only € 1,- I knew it was a Fall color to go nice with some embellies from my stash. I made some kraft tabs and used the cute Amy Tangerine roller stamp. 

Noteworthy = notities or notes
You are my fave = web adresses
Happy place = adresses
Delightful = boekenlijst or books to read
I used the Dear Lizzy roller stamp one on this date for the Agenda or planner dates

I transfererend the insert from the plastic orange one (bin worthy) to the green one. I also got the furry one you see below. I had in mind using the insert for my pink HEMA planner so I could already start. But this one's growing on me as it is. And as teen wasn't interested I'm keeping it. 

 So now my faux filofax collection is up to 3. It's a bit like a Summer, Fall and Winter thing maybe. Should I devide the inserts likewise? I could make blank or journal pages myself? Like adding diarypages to write some thoughts or wishes?

If I had the papers this could be a Heidi Swapp one... 

And to think I once owned a real leather Black Filofax with a plastic zipp pocket, maps of Paris and London the real thing in mini size - wonder what ever happened to it. Probably didn't make it to a box while moving places I guess.
And I wonder if I'll buy the real Filo some time soon. 

woensdag 18 september 2013


Have you survided the ios7 update in case you have an iphone? What a long wait, wasn't it?  But all worth it and  there's benefits! I found this new app with a lot of nice stuff for free. 

Check >> Studio


maandag 16 september 2013

Organizer 2014

I always love to see all the school agenda's popping up in the stores in July. They have such nice ones nowadays. This year my teen choose a very plain&simple cheap one and covered it with some of my washi tapes. The schoolbooks got a stretch fabric cover (a lot of stores jumped on that bandwagon) so that was an easy job too. But not much fun...  

I think spent more time checking out the school supplies- all because the HEMA had lovely stuff to be used for scrapbooking aswell.

 Now it's time for stocking the 2014 organizers and planners and look what I found today? A fake filofax ;) With this weeks 20% off coupon I only paid  € 7 for it. The filler pages are in grey print, I'm still thinking of buying the colored floral filler pages set to replace them. But grey may be a nice canvas for the decorating so I haven't made my mind up yet. 
In case you didn't know there are groups dedicated to decorating the real Filofax pages. The lovely Cathy V. Does a very inspiring job at it. Check

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