zondag 30 december 2012

Did it!

No , I did not finish my DD. I'm still working on it. But I wanted to make this viewmaster reel as soon as I saw Marie/ Stitch in Time's one >> as seen here <<

Unfortunately I haven't spotted the October Afternoon Make it Merry collection anywhere in the Netherlands. I found the cute images, I also used for my flashcards, thru Google

I can share some of the Sn@p DD pages already

As daughter dear is still having her 2 weeks school break divided between her dad's and me, we decided to have a trip to a near bigger city, Utrecht to do some SALE shopping. 

Utrecht Central Station is provided with 2 Starbucks. We shared a tall Gingerbread Latte (speculaas Latte) Yummie!!! 

As I luv snowmen I took the cup home to put im my Sn@p DD. It still smells so nice and spicey 

In the old centre of Utrecht we had a tea break at Douwe Egberts.  Notice the special shape of the tea saucer to fit the spoon...Too late I noticed the tasty stuff over at the counter, but next time ... I didn't use my camera as much as I had intended. But I'm  sure racks and racks of teen clothing wouldn't be that interesting either LOL
I was happy to take home some christmas deco on sale (for next year). 

Luv thise spicey fragance too

In the afternoon we rested our feet in our own town and went to see the Life of Pi at the new cinema. 

I don't have much ink for printing left - as it shows in this pic.  The acetate page and star I cut out of a cake packaging and stamped with white and black Stazon ink.
from the MMe All is Bright stamp set

zondag 16 december 2012

my home made flash cards { in dutch }

Been trying to keep up with my December Daily workshop members only by Scrapdelight. Sorry for not posting here much...  

maandag 19 november 2012

Day 6-10

Day 6 Joy

Day 7 Roses

Day 8 white paperbag I folded in half and page

Day 9 Those adorable dollies! 

Day 10 

Maybe I'll ad kraft paper behind the pocket flaps and then glue it down to form a pocket. 

Day 11-15

Day 11

 {back Tag pocket} page Day 12 Chevron

Day 13 Santa's silhouette 

Day 14 homemade Velum pocket page It's 4" wide and almost 6"high I used my 1" punch  

Day 15 blue dots page

So everything still need work but I already luv how the colors work together from these 2 different companies.

Day 16 - 20

Day 16

I spent some time figuring out in what order to put the papers. My binder rings suffered a bit.   

Day 17 

Day 18

Day 19 so far the bright colors...

Day 20

Day 21-25

Day 21 Tim Holtz die for coin pocket (a tad to large hehe)

It gets a bit more earthy tones from here

Day 23 brown paper bag I got twine in

Day 25 Christmas Day Tree green?

Day 2, 3 and 4

Day 2

For page 1 I used the packageing tag that holded the ephemera. 

Day 3

I thought this little card from the City Sidewalks ephemera would do a nice job here. I still need to number everyhing.

Day 4  

Day 5

5 december Sinterklaas

The Dutch Santa ;)

Will have to find a big #5 for the small Tag

Backbone 's Done!

Getting there

Yes, I started my December Daily Junk Journal this Sunday using the MME Rhonna Fhonna Farrer All is bright 6" and the Pink Paislee City Sidewalks 8" paper pads. I left the 12 6" double sided papers as is. Half of the 8" papers I scored at 5 1/2" to make pocket flaps on the backsides. The other 6 papers I folded in half to get pockets 4" x 8". The red snowflake one's glued already like a pocket to hold a tag {see back page 11} I'm thinking about doing more but for now will leave it as is.

The binder ring's not perfect. It also wasn't getting any better from opening and adding more stuff. I put a bell there as I like the sound of it, not sure if I'll leave it there

I'm happy I got so far, now the fun part can begin...

vrijdag 16 november 2012

Smash book dilemma

scrappaper: City Sidewalks Pink Paislee
metal tag: WIBRA {att. all you Dutchies}

To my surprise and joy yesterday I discovered my local village Pippoos is stocking up on K&Company Smash Books and stuff like sticky notes, bands and tape. Yeah...! No need for Sinterklaas or Santa to travel to a scrapbook store for a while...

I finally found a good use for some VVV vouchers I had. I picked up the pretty pink one with the embossed flowers on the cover, these paperclips I've wanted for a while now, a black polka dotted band en some sticky notes. 

But now the dilemma...I was about to start a december daily or more likely turn it into a smash junk journal as I'm pretty sure I won't be able to manage the daily or just 2012 aspect. It will probably stay almost empty untill less busy times arrive 
(some where mid 2013 I guess ...} 

But...I already have got a purpose in mind for the pink smash book/journal like a feel good place to store nice stuff like a junk drawer (as is quoted). 

A feel good smash book and a december daily?!!!

Can I manage both?

dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

Chillingsworth Manor mini album

Cover so far

I wish my Halloween mini was finished in time. The cutting of the papers and elements from the downloadable kit took some time...but I was able to print on any paper I liked and print some elemants over and over again!

As there was a bit of sun after a gloomy yesterday I decided to pick up my camera

I want to add some lace and fibers to the binding and more embellies on the cover - next to Chester

Finished (yeah...!) page

Belly band holds 2 file folder (photo mats) and 2 tags 

Finished inside of the cover

Envelope holding first Halloween item: our movie tickets (more cheap receipts really). We watched Frankenweenie in 3D in the brand new cinema opening tomorrow

I put cobweb on the cover and tucked it to this side

Each page is devided by a vellum page which I printed also 

Booklet to hold photos

Raven tag

I used the bigger tags as dividers and think the ribbons add a cute touch sticking out
But think it still needs a lot more to stick out lol

printed on vellum
Luv these images... used them twice at least... 

I luv this paper and didn't want to cover it up. I decided to add some extra half paged as photo mats.

Want a Grave Yard tour?
Still needs work... I found cofin templates online and used the for a tag and a photo booklet. FuzzyCut Chez luv him

This page has a bit junk journal feel to it...must be all the YouTube vids I've watched past weeks

Not much Halloween candy or other stuff to be found in our village but found a pumpkin filled with Smarties at the Xenos store.

maandag 8 oktober 2012

donderdag 23 augustus 2012

Marion Smith Cottage Chic

the binding

I used this Marion Smith's digital download kit For this mini book / journal. I love these pdf files to print out yourself. I liked being able to use the "letter" 8 1/2 x 11 size option to print out and üsed the setting (printer properties) "no edge".  We use the A4 size as a standard in the Netherlands, Europe. My folded signature pages turned out 4 1/8" x 6 1/8". I used my inkjet printer, set it to photo quality/speed but used white card stock {hobby karton}. I think the printig of these lovely designs turned out great! 

Marion used dry wall tape - but I wasn't sure where and if I could get that over here. So I used what I had available : cotton crochet thread and bandage.  

zondag 29 juli 2012

7 Gypsies Trousseau 6" papers . Album from kraft envelopes I bought at MonoPrix, Paris. I used my Bind it All. I bought a set of journaling cards, the sticker sheet and the cute bronze clip here.

Today I covered all the envelopes as a base for my album.
And made a charm with a sticker and crackle accents. Hope it turns out nice- will know in the morning.

Cover/ envelope #1

made pockets on backside of every envelope

envelope #2

envelope #3

envelope #4

envelope #5

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