maandag 19 november 2012

Day 6-10

Day 6 Joy

Day 7 Roses

Day 8 white paperbag I folded in half and page

Day 9 Those adorable dollies! 

Day 10 

Maybe I'll ad kraft paper behind the pocket flaps and then glue it down to form a pocket. 

Day 11-15

Day 11

 {back Tag pocket} page Day 12 Chevron

Day 13 Santa's silhouette 

Day 14 homemade Velum pocket page It's 4" wide and almost 6"high I used my 1" punch  

Day 15 blue dots page

So everything still need work but I already luv how the colors work together from these 2 different companies.

Day 16 - 20

Day 16

I spent some time figuring out in what order to put the papers. My binder rings suffered a bit.   

Day 17 

Day 18

Day 19 so far the bright colors...

Day 20

Day 21-25

Day 21 Tim Holtz die for coin pocket (a tad to large hehe)

It gets a bit more earthy tones from here

Day 23 brown paper bag I got twine in

Day 25 Christmas Day Tree green?

Day 2, 3 and 4

Day 2

For page 1 I used the packageing tag that holded the ephemera. 

Day 3

I thought this little card from the City Sidewalks ephemera would do a nice job here. I still need to number everyhing.

Day 4  

Day 5

5 december Sinterklaas

The Dutch Santa ;)

Will have to find a big #5 for the small Tag

Backbone 's Done!

Getting there

Yes, I started my December Daily Junk Journal this Sunday using the MME Rhonna Fhonna Farrer All is bright 6" and the Pink Paislee City Sidewalks 8" paper pads. I left the 12 6" double sided papers as is. Half of the 8" papers I scored at 5 1/2" to make pocket flaps on the backsides. The other 6 papers I folded in half to get pockets 4" x 8". The red snowflake one's glued already like a pocket to hold a tag {see back page 11} I'm thinking about doing more but for now will leave it as is.

The binder ring's not perfect. It also wasn't getting any better from opening and adding more stuff. I put a bell there as I like the sound of it, not sure if I'll leave it there

I'm happy I got so far, now the fun part can begin...

vrijdag 16 november 2012

Smash book dilemma

scrappaper: City Sidewalks Pink Paislee
metal tag: WIBRA {att. all you Dutchies}

To my surprise and joy yesterday I discovered my local village Pippoos is stocking up on K&Company Smash Books and stuff like sticky notes, bands and tape. Yeah...! No need for Sinterklaas or Santa to travel to a scrapbook store for a while...

I finally found a good use for some VVV vouchers I had. I picked up the pretty pink one with the embossed flowers on the cover, these paperclips I've wanted for a while now, a black polka dotted band en some sticky notes. 

But now the dilemma...I was about to start a december daily or more likely turn it into a smash junk journal as I'm pretty sure I won't be able to manage the daily or just 2012 aspect. It will probably stay almost empty untill less busy times arrive 
(some where mid 2013 I guess ...} 

But...I already have got a purpose in mind for the pink smash book/journal like a feel good place to store nice stuff like a junk drawer (as is quoted). 

A feel good smash book and a december daily?!!!

Can I manage both?
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