vrijdag 16 november 2012

Smash book dilemma

scrappaper: City Sidewalks Pink Paislee
metal tag: WIBRA {att. all you Dutchies}

To my surprise and joy yesterday I discovered my local village Pippoos is stocking up on K&Company Smash Books and stuff like sticky notes, bands and tape. Yeah...! No need for Sinterklaas or Santa to travel to a scrapbook store for a while...

I finally found a good use for some VVV vouchers I had. I picked up the pretty pink one with the embossed flowers on the cover, these paperclips I've wanted for a while now, a black polka dotted band en some sticky notes. 

But now the dilemma...I was about to start a december daily or more likely turn it into a smash junk journal as I'm pretty sure I won't be able to manage the daily or just 2012 aspect. It will probably stay almost empty untill less busy times arrive 
(some where mid 2013 I guess ...} 

But...I already have got a purpose in mind for the pink smash book/journal like a feel good place to store nice stuff like a junk drawer (as is quoted). 

A feel good smash book and a december daily?!!!

Can I manage both?

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